Previous work done in Egypt related to Greening the Sector:

  • 3 National Strategies and policies for the sector have been issued since 2012.
  • Laws and regulations relevant to the sector are listed
  • No plans or action plans for the sector were found
  • 6 Major projects addressing greening the urban development sector have been identified, two of which address pollution abatement.
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Greater Cairo Urban Development Strategy (2012)

Published by: Ministry of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities

In cooperation with: UN-Habitat and UNDP


This report represents the proposed vision and specifies the GC development policies and projects required to facilitate the preparation of the GC urban development strategy.

Egypt Housing Strategy (2020)

Published by: UN-Habitat

Partners: Ministry of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities & United Nations Human Settlements Programme


This strategy represents a unified integrated vision that directs effectively the housing sector over the next twenty years. In addition, it will clarify the responsibilities of the various sectors and policy frameworks in a manner that addresses current problems and fulfills the aspirations of all Egyptians in obtaining adequate housing,

The National Strategic Plan for Urban Development – Vision 2052 and the UN SDGs

Published by: UNDP

Author: Akram E. Youssef


This report targets to give an overview of the National Strategic Plan for Urban Development –

Vision 2052, colloquially is named “Vision 2052”, which acts as a guideline for future policies and

practices of urban development in Egypt till 2052.

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EBRD Green Cities Project (Cairo, Alexandria, 6th of October)

Funded by: EBRD

2019 2021

6th of October city joined EBRD Green Cities in 2021 to address environmental concerns through a green and sustainable vision and is the first to join under the Egyptian government’s New Urban Communities Authority (NUCA). Alexandria, joined EBRD Green Cities in 2019 with the aim of putting more emphasis on addressing its key environmental challenges related to water, air quality and waste

Strategic Urban Planning for Alexandria City

Responsible parties: UNDP and General Organization for Physical Planning (GOPP)

Implementing Agency: Ministry of Housing, Utilities and Urban Development.


The aim of the project is to develop a strategic urban plan for Alexandria to provide the road map which will guide development in the city until 2030.

Alexandria City Development Strategy

Funded by: World Bank

In cooperation with: GOPP and Alexandria Governorate


The long term vision of the strategy is for Alexandria to take advantage of its competitive endowments, better manages its local assets, removes constraints to private sector-led growth, while ensuring the socio-economic integration of the poor

Implementation Mechanism of the Strategic Development plan for Southern Egypt

Funded by: UNDP

Executing and Implementing Agency: NEX-General Organization for Planning

In cooperation with: Ministry of Housing


The project objective is creating an enabling regulatory and procedural environment for sustainable human development and Growth in Assiut.

Greening Sharm el Sheikh

Funded by: GEF

Implementing Agency: UNDP

Executing Agency: Ministry of the Environment


The project objective is to turn Sharm El Sheikh into a model integrated and ecologically sustainable tourism city of national and international importance through the adoption of further low-carbon technologies, good waste management practices and a further-enhanced protection of its natural capital basis.

Greening Hurghada

Funded by: GEF

Implementing Agency: UNIDO

Executing Agency: Ministry of the Environment


The project objective is to reduce the environmental pressure of the tourism sector and related activities to mitigate GHG emissions and preserve biodiversity in the coastal area of Hurghada through mainstreaming climate smart technologies and sustainability practices in tourism, energy and transport infrastructure.

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Sustainable Cities in Egypt Learning from Experience: Potentials and Preconditions for New Cities in Desert Areas

Published by: The Egyptian Cabinet Information and Decision Support Center  Center for Future Studies

Author: Dr. Edgar Goell et al.


The main insights and results of this project are the following: The challenges for human settlements and improved living conditions today and in the future are immensely big and complicated. Also, In order to motivate huge numbers of people to move into desert areas, additional efforts have to be made and special incentives have to be created and offered.

Recommended National Sustainable Urban and Energy Savings Actions for Egypt….Donors and Financial Initiatives for Egypt

Funded by: European Union

Implemented by:  Consortium led by Hulla & Co. Human Dynamics KG


This report provides national recommendations and a set of actions specific for Egypt. It also addresses the challenges and the best accompanying measures needed at the national level to assist local authorities in the two selected governorates: Governorate of Luxor and Governorate of Read Sea, for use &management of natural resources in different sectors as urban and rural development 

Planning for Sustainable Rural Development in Egypt

Published by: Ain Shams University Faculty of Engineering  

Author: Marwa A.E. Elsaid (PhD Thesis)


The main objectives of this thesis : 1. Defining the meaning of sustainable rural development in Egypt in terms of identifying sustainability goals and objectives within the Egyptian village context. 2. Establishing a model, which envisages the current processes for a typical rural Egyptian village and addresses the interrelationships between the various system components in terms of environmental, economic, social and institutional components. This model should provide insight into the gaps, constraints and challenges currently threatens the sustainability of Egyptian villages. 3. Developing a set of SIs which allow the interactions between factors in such villages to be tracked and the impact of policy interventions to be assessed in order to monitor and evaluate the progress of these villages on the path of sustainable development. 4. Examining the impact of integrating the environmental and institutional components, which are neglected in the HDI on the assessment findings of the newly developed integrated set of SIs. This impact will be examined through applying both tools of assessment on a particular village.

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For Better or for Worse: Air Pollution in

Greater Cairo

a Sector Note

Published by: International Bank for Reconstruction and Development/The World Bank.

In cooperation with: EEAA


This sector note presents the results of the World Bank–led study on the development of a strategy of the government of the Arab Republic of Egypt to respond to air quality problems in Greater Cairo.

POLICY PAPER: Low-Emission Zones (LEZs) and Prerequisites for Sustainable Cities and Clean Air in Egypt

Published by: Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES)

Authors:  Ahmed El-Dorghamy, Maha Attia

In cooperation with: CEDARE and Ministry of The Environment


This policy paper aims to introduce Low-Emission Zones (LEZs) concepts in Egypt in a manner accessible

to the general public and non-experts and experts alike. It aims to discuss the position of the country

in terms of readiness to implement LEZs policies and recommend how to meet such ambitions in a

manner suitable for the current circumstances.

Integrating Environmental Considerations in Five Priority Sectors in Egypt

Regional-Governance and Knowledge Generation Project

Funded by: GEF

Published by: Plan Bleu

In cooperation with: Ministry of the Environment


This document is intended to provide a framework for integrating environmental considerations in five key sectors: Water, Agriculture, Energy, Human Settlements, and Solid Waste. The main criteria for the selection of the sectors identified for this study are the importance of these sectors for Egypt and the priority given by the Government to them.

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Assessment of Carbon Dioxide Emission and Its Impact on HighRise Mixed-Use Buildings in Egypt

Published by: AUC

Author: Ahmed Salah Hamza (Masters Thesis)


This research attempts to identify adequate approaches that can contribute to a more effective, environmentally safe, and space efficient construction of mixed-use high-rise building in Egypt. This aims ultimately at defining the driving factors of carbon dioxide emissions relevant to the building phase and recommend strategies to encourage more environmentally sustainable approaches where appropriate.

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Green Buildings Market Intelligence Egypt Country Profile

Published by: International Finance Cooperation, World Bank Group


This presentation offers an overview of the green buildings market in Egypt

Developing a green building rating system for Egypt

Published by: AUC

Author: Vivian Adel Younan (Masters Thesis)


This study uses a comparative analysis of different green building rating systems in order to develop one for Egypt.

The Egyptian Urban Planning Institutional Framework

Published by: Technische Universität Berlin

Author: Doha Moustafa Ibrahim Moustafa (Masters Thesis)


This research aims to map the regulatory framework involved in planning and governing the city components and identify all the central institutions and affiliates involved in urban planning on different levels, in addition to the regional and local administrative system

institutional and legal framework.

GREEN EGYPT: Vision and Implementation

Author: Salah M. El-Haggar President of Egypt Green Building Council (NGO) Professor of Energy and Sustainable Development Mechanical Engineering Department The American University in Cairo


The objective of this presentation is to develop a mechanism for Egypt to

become “Green Egypt” by adopting the Cradle-to-Cradle model

New Cities and Community

Extensions in Egypt and

the Middle East: Visions and Challenges

Published by: Springer

Book Editors: Sahar Attia · Zeinab Shafik,  Asmaa Ibrahim


This book presents a wide range of experiences and case studies to

be considered while thinking new cities in the region. Related topics include concepts of branding new cities and their role in reforming national economy.

Readiness for EcoCities in Egypt: Insights into the current state of EcoCity systems, technologies and concepts

Published by: VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland


The objective of this report is to provide a general overview of the current state of urban planning, energy systems, water and waste management, transportation

planning and raising general awareness. One objective is also to provide some

general information about what the EcoCity concept means in the Egyptian


Sustainable Regeneration of Urban Green Areas in Egypt’s Desert Cities

Published by:

Author: Moursy Hussein, Mahmoud


This study aims to analyze and investigate current characteristics of planning and management of green areas in Egypt’s new desert city, assessing the challenges and shading the light on the potential of adopting green infrastructure strategies; identify the areas of deficiency and develop a comprehensive vision and optimized scheme for the development of green area in new desert cities

Report for the Arab Forum for Environment and Development (AFED) – Green Economy

Published by: The Arab Forum for Environment and Development (AFED)

Editors: Hussein Abaza, Najib Saad and Bashar Zeitoon 



This report offers options of green economy in Arab countries in various sectors and represents the first phase of the AFED green economy initiative.



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Year Published



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